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Welcome to Blank Dice

6 sided indented blank dice
8 sided indented blank dice
Polyhedral dice sets
Special dice
Board game accessories
We have a range of indented blank dice for sale in a variety colours in any quantity you need from just one to hundreds.  Whilst blank dice can be bought elsewhere online what makes these dice special is the indentation on each face, this means that once the labels are applied they won't easily peel off.

We specialize in providing products useful for board game designers and adult hobbyists who wish to make one of the many print and play games available on the internet.

Some of our other products include polydice which are useful when designing RPG games, card stands which can be used for creating standees, and pawns.

We are constantly extending the range we offer to provide everything a board game designer might need when it comes to prototyping games or for the adult who enjoys crafting print and play games as a hobby.
indented blank dice designs